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Vidal Sassoon the movie


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oEKJgytvANAJust saw this movie last night and it was excellent. Vidal Sassoon is an icon in the hair and fashion world. He had changed my life over 25 yrs ago when i decided to go to London and take his academy course. I learned so much and got so inspired. It was the first time i had gone to London and I loved it so much i moved there within the year. Thus started my 13 yr adventure living in London,Milan,and Paris working with the top fashion magazines and designers. A few years ago, i got asked along with some of the great hairdressers in the industry to join Vidal Sassoon to publicize his efforts of building new homes for people that had lost theirs in hurricane Katrina. We got our bodies painted with the story of the family who was to get a new home and we held the key to that home! Vidal Sassoon came in himself to thank us, and i had told him my story of how he touched me. He said he loved to hear that he had done that and we had not even met until now. Then he told the photographer to take a picture of him and i. I have it on my website. www.louisemoon.com under Bio. I love that picture and was very touched by him. You have to see this movie even if you are not a hairdresser. His story is very interesting and very inspirational.