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Venice Collection By Opi - Fall 2015

https://vimeo.com/137451471 Director: Raphael Laski Art Directors: Brenda Rogers & Ruthi Sterling Wardrobe: Martina Nilsson Hair: Louise Moon Makeup: Bethany Karlyn

Here is the beautiful Video from the Venice Collection for Opi.

Watch the Behind the Scenes Video: Opi Venice Collection Behind The Scenes

This was a particularly challenging job for me. The casting choose these girls for their faces and obviously for their hands… but not their hair. They choose both models with short hair and wanted it long! Very long! Putting the trust in my hands.

With the hair accessories that i found scouring the internet for just the right pieces.. not easy to find gold! These pieces were real 24k gold plated. The hair addition had to accommodate how the hair accessories fitted. All hair pieces were cut according to the head shape, and where the contact of the accessories were along with the finished woven style. Because the models hair was so short, i had to use gaffer tape to keep the sections in place for a clean parting and application. I could not have done it without the help of my assistant Kristen Hetland! It took 4 hands and 7-8 hrs to do not one, but two models with short hair! Patience is a virtue as they say!