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Spirit & Flesh Video


http://vimeo.com/90326940What an amazing fashion shoot in the Red Rock Canyon State Park! Miranda Penn Turin was the fabulous talent to imagine a story and how visually to put it all together! She did the photography and directed the video!! The styling absolutely blew me away and i would have to say it was one of the best styling i have seen! Too see these clothes in person was astounding! Hanalei was our fabulous model who fit into them perfectly on such a hot day and made our hair and makeup look fabulous! I absolutely adore her! A good amount of hair extensions were put in her already great hair for the thickest hair with dimension! Garret blew red powder he bought, made from India ,which worked amazingly well! all put together comes an amazing amount of images.. all shot in one day!

Directed: Miranda Penn Turin

Styling: Emma Trask

Makeup: Garret Gervais

Hair: Louise Moon