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Red Head and Crimp

red headfrizzy riku shot These two shots were done on the same day. The red head really had the most amazing color red! In this picture they desaturated the colors so it is not as strong, but it was a beautiful red.. now if i am not mistaken... i thought the girl said she had it colored that way because she had worked with Matthew Rolston for a tampax ad??? and he wanted her hair blood red??? It so... that is frikin funny! But hey, it worked beautifully for our shoot. She was going to take the color out later,,, i loved it. Anyways, this hair i realized i had done somewhat like this before! I was going threw some old hair pictures i took of friends from beauty school and it was kinda like this. I should scan it and put it side to side.. but i am lazy and probably won't... The other shot , i pulled out the old crimper i had from europe.. it is a huge thing that comes with 4 different plates you slide into the thing. Crimp, 2 wave patterns, and a flat plate. The model had to hold the plug as i had to use an adapter that just did not fit right.. i was secretly hoping the thing did not catch on fire! Anyways, LOTS of hair for this girl. Most of the hair is rolled up but she on her own had tons of it! Riku Campo used these shots for his up coming book. He did a story about extensions and interviewed me for it.. I think there are a lot of pictures in the book that i did hair for. He showed me a few mock up pages of the book and i will tell you... it is going to be a good one!!!! I am very excited for him. And i want to be there for the book launch in New York next year when it comes out. For all you hair and makeup artists out there.. you must look for it. I will let you know the name and when it launches. Stay tuned.