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#Pinup Girls Shoot Inspired by Vargas for #Wargaming.net


[slideshow] These are pictures i took on my iPhone of the pinup girls/wargirls project i have been working on all week! A lot of work but so satisfying and fun to do 1940's hairstyles inspired by the famous pinup artist Vargas! It was on!!! Wigs,Stuffing, Pin Curls,Marcel Waving,Comb Outs,Back Combing,Hair Nets,Flowers... all equals FUN!!! The girls looked absolutely amazing! Agostina Lombardo did the beautiful makeup!, and Vanessa Geldbach did amazing styling! Photography by Clay Westervelt. I can hardly wait to see what he got!! This is for a huge world wide online gaming website www.wargaming.net that will be unveiled soon on battles with world war 2 planes,tanks, and ships! We already did appearances with the girls,photo shoot on the Uss Iowa ship in Long Beach and in studio pictures.There is a behind the scenes mini movie/biography that will be released also.All of this will be released soon. They are going to make huge old vintage like calendars of our pinup girls and playing cards and other goodies! You will also be able to put images of our girls on your warplanes etc. Each girl has her own character and talents. Fun!!!

P.s... all my info and pictures were given permission from Wargaming.net ! Stay tuned for more info!