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Paris Photo Shoot


[slideshow]Bonjour! wow! It has been 13 years since i have been back in Paris! I went there for a shoot with one of my fashion clients! It was like going back home oddly enough! I use to live there for almost 6 years and it felt like no time past! That was a nice feeling! and suddenly French started spewing from my mouth! Not perfect French by any means but i could understand and get by! If someone said i would be back doing a fashion shoot in front of the Eiffel Tower, Place de Concord,Louvre, Sacre Coeur, etc... like i did so many times, years later, i would have said you were nuts! lol!! anyways, i worked with some great models! Ingrid Seynhaeve, Fanny Anselme and others. Here's some pictures from the trip!