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Missing photo found

black vampire This was the photo that was missing from the Era shoot. Yeah! This one was the hardest to do in a way. I had an idea on lots of hair but this was very heavy! It is a combo of a wig and 5 , 28 inch extension pieces that a friend of mine gave me years ago from a fashion show she had done. They are synthetic pieces and dense.. and heavy.. i attached them to the wig. Now how to get shape? I got the idea to put a white board behind the hair and flare it out.. only the hair always moved.. it was a bitch and i did have to come in every two seconds to fix it.. we spent like most of the morning on this shot as this was the hardest, and we wanted to start hard. The final result is very dramatic and i am very happy with it. The model was amazing and did not even breath for fear the hair would move. Bless her! Shall we call this Goth Girl?