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Era Hair

Disco GirlVidal GirlBuffant Girl70's Girl Just got some more new work in. This is an inspiration of different era's but done like a Italian Vogue Shoot would do. Wish it was for them! These are all the same girl and  it was amazing how she changed with each look. All of them are wigs except the 70's girl. Her hair had so much texture from all the head wraps underneath the wigs and from the white spray i put in her hair for the disco girl. It took me about 20 minutes for each look as i had prepared the different looks the day before. Riku Campo did the makeup for this shoot and it was he who put this all together.. He is so talented and such an inspiration to work with. I just love working with him and we always get the most amazing work for our portfolio. It is really so important for me to work with really creative makeup artists. We feed off each other and inspire each other!