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Desert Heat

I did a job with Saks Fifth Ave out in the desert a few weeks ago so this is old news but I will post anyways. All the elements were against us so I was exhausted when we finished. It was like 100 degrees out and I do not do well in extreme heat so I was in survival mode. Hat,screen,and gallons of water..any little shade, I was in. Being a melonoma surviver,one has to be very careful. Of course with that comes gale force winds,and toss in sand, and you have a sand storm to boot. All really great for the hair.thank god the hairstyle I ended doing which was pinned back,worked for every outfit,so I managed to curve a nightmare! Add that they always wanted to climb up a 90 degree angle on a sand dune to a better rock above.... Well, you get the picture. This picture shows the photographer waiting for the sand storm to settle inbetween shots.

I also hung out with a lizard in the shade for awhile.