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Wired Magazine Portraits with Photographer Dan Winters


Fred Ward


Kip Thorne

Wired Magazine asked me to do two big stories for them with the very talented photographer/artist Dan Winters! One story with the crew of the Movie Interstellar and another for The Right Stuff. What i love about Dan is that not only is he talented but he is so interested in people! Hearing him in great conversations with Kip Thorne (above) who is an American theoretical physicist, known for his contributions in gravitational physics and astrophysics. A longtime friend and colleague of Stephen Hawking and Carl Sagan, and one of the world's leading experts on the astrophysical implications of Einstein's general theory of relativity. He continues to do scientific research and was the scientific consultant and an executive producer for the 2014 science fiction film Interstellar. (hello?!!) and various actors, set designers, etc was such an interesting job both on and behind camera!!