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Top Chef Finals with Padma

20110401-094520.jpg I worked with the beautiful Padma Lakshmi for the live event finalies at the Roosevelt hotel a few days ago. W She has such beautiful hair to work with! Since she was in the fashion industry it was nice to work with someone who has a good eye for a look. Even if it is natural. There is good natural and bad. This time we did something stronger as it was a big night. The finals announcing the winner for the season. I loved her simple and very chic dress and she needed a very simple and very chic shiny hair style that showed her beautiful skin and neckline. She got a compliment on air I think because she said thank you and stroked her hair. Well I am going to assume and stroke my ego I think! Lol! Anyways it was a very fun night! Thanks Padma! You looked Hot!