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Lemmy (Motorhead) with Bryan Adams


One of my favorite Canucks and photographer who i think is wildly talented Bryan Adams, came into town not only to shoot some stories as a photographer, but also to perform as an entertainer! I really don't know anyone who does that! Anyways i got to work with Bryan as the photographer with a rock legend, Lemmy who is the lead in the rock band Motorhead. I really don't know anything about the band but i certainly know the name! Now talk about a face that is incredibly photogenic! Bryan took THE most amazing shots of him! I have worked with many photographers and some of the best, and i would rank Bryan right in there with them! He is THAT good! If you don't know Bryan's work, you HAVE to take a look at his new book "Bryan Adams Exposed" which has just been released on Amazon and book stores on Halloween. I have a beautiful story in there with Tommy Lee and i do have a credit in the back of the book! So honored! Love you Bryan!!! Take a look at an interview with him on CBS

Bryan Adams Interview CBS