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This is an interview i did for a fashion website called Lookbooks.com http://lookbooks.com/news/better-man-louise-moon-interview-leonor-greyl-men-s-haircare/11803 The Movie “The Artist” came out of nowhere to win some golden statues at this past Academy Awards.   When Jean Dujardin accepted his Oscar, his sexy hair was a product of Leonor Greyl’s men’s line and the styling talent of Louise Moon.  Leonor Greyl seized the opportunity and made an adorable silent short in the spirit of “The Artist” featuring Ms. Moon as the stylist, and of course Leonor Greyl Products as the star.  I had the opportunity to interview Louise Moon about her illustrious career, the short, and what it’s like to work with Leonor Greyl products.  

With such a long and illustrious career behind you, what if anything, was unique about the Leonor Grayl "The Artist" shoot? 

Well being in front of the camera and acting!! Lol.. sooo much fun! Second I was amazed how much it looked like the movie! The idea to do something like this was truly unique n'est-ce pas? I had been using these products on Jean Dujardin even before the film The Artist came out. We were already starting to do press. So the steps of what I did in the video is really what I did for him.

What do you find most appealing about Leonor Grayl's men's product line? 

Well first I really do love the all the products of Leonor Greyl! It is my favorite line of products and trust me I have worked with thousands!! It is so overwhelming out there!!! Make it simple with the best ingredients and make it work well. I have been using them for a long time. The Leonor Greyl's men's line came out not too long ago and has the same high quality as the rest of the line. It does what it is suppose to do without being too sticky or heavy or flakey for the lighter styling products like the mousse or sprays.. The gel has a beautiful shine and is not gummy or flakey and holds just right.. You can rework it, set it.. what ever! You just know when you have a good quality product. 

What advice would you give to other hair stylists who hope to have as illustrious a career as you have had.  

Learn, learn, learn... the minute you stop that and think you know it all, your finished.. it is ongoing.. it never ceases to amaze me how many ways that "fabric" can be manipulated! There are so many avenues you can take in the hair business.. how great is that? and you can be creative.. my drug of choice.. lol... anyways.. it is a long twisted path and it just keeps going.. you have to be ambitious, learn your craft well, be creative and really LOVE what you are doing!!  Don't expect things to happen over night.. you will greatly be disappointed. It takes YEARS!!!

What about doing hair feeds your passion? When did you truly fall in love with doing hair? 

I truly fell in love with doing hair in high school when at lunchtime I would do people's hair in the bathroom. It started with braiding my best friends hair and it went on from there! The passion is creation and even better when people like it!

Of the many celebrities you have worked for, who has left a lasting impression and why?

Betty White! I love doing hair sets!! I just loved her and her humor but most of all her kindness and beautiful heart!! She truly is a very special woman, and I might add, knows what the heck she's doing! But then I think everyone knows that! 

What did it feel like to play a part in the shoot you did with for Leonor Greyl?  How did it feel to play a part in front of the camera? 

 Well being asked to do it was a honor! Can I say again ... it was so much fun! To be standing on the other side of the fence was very interesting.  It kind of gave me a perspective of what the many people I have been doing hair on through out the years.... feels like. I was so comfortable "acting" for the director Mauro Borrelli. His was so creative with his ideas. And I LOVED the movie so it was extra special. 


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