Celebrity/Fashion - Hair/Makeup/Grooming Journal

Alice in Wonderland

Did the press for the movie Alice in Wonderland. This is a picture taken from our room where we did prep. The movie poster and the moody sky. It was just about to pour with rain that night. We were at the Rennaisance hotel. Most likely because there was a concert at highland centre for the movie and the actors were to make an appearance also. There were a ton of people we could see up high in our glass room. There also were a ton of people at the press junkets. Michael was paired up with Matt Lucas. If you have ever watched the big hit from England called Little Britan, you have to see it. Matt is the bald guy. He plays twiddle dee and dumb. He at Michael Sheen were hilarious together and we all laughed the whole day! My friend Valli O Reily was dept head for makeup for the movie, and Canadian I might add. Proud. She did an amazing job and they also brought her in for interviews! yeah. I even saw Johnny Depp. And yes he is as good looking in person.