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The 2018 OPI Peru Collection

The New Opi Peru Collection for Fall/Winter 2018! Last year we went to the beautiful Iceland for 2017 and this year Peru! So diverse which was reflected in all the different videos done. Breath taking views as well as was the thin air!! Some of us had to use oxygen tanks when we first arrived and one of us who had asthma, well, had an asthma attack which was scary. Once we got use to it, there was no stopping us from going ever so higher in altitude which you will see in the following posts of videos I will put up. This video is a combo of the next 5 films shot. Enjoy the beautiful videos as much as we enjoyed making them! It was truly such a special and memorable adventure. Thank you OPI! I love you and all the great work we have done together! 

Filmed: Raphael Laski & Team
Art Directors: Ruthi Sterling & Brenda Rogers
Model: Juana Burga
Styling: Philip Morrison
Hair: Louise Moon
Makeup: Bethany Karlyn
Manicure: April Foreman