Steven Spielberg HBO documentary

Grooming for Mr Steven Spielberg!  

Steven Spielberg Documentary on HBO

Steven Spielberg Documentary on HBO

Ok, i have had to keep this a secret for a few years now but now i can say that i have been working with ocsar winner Susan Lacy on this documentary and have had the honor to be grooming Mr Steven Spielberg for this! What an amazing opportunity to meet and work with him and peek into his life. I highly recommend you watch this as it is always so well done with Susan and her team! I wish she could do a doc on my life! Lol! Anyways, i cannot wait to see this whole thing put together! 

OPI Iceland | Fall 2017

Iceland! Magical and emotionally beautiful. What a huge pleasure it is to work with Opi and the incredible and talented crew/family, to make this happen! I love you all so much! For the lovely and stunningly beautiful Mae Van Der Weide ,our new star model, we did a dramatic hair color change that really set the whole look and feel for her in the campaign. I turned to my talented friend Carlos Rodriguez at Sally Hershberger Salon LA, who took his time and worked very hard to lighten her virgin hair color to an almost white color. Not a easy task. The before and after was dramatic! Mae loved it as well as the rest of us! We put a ton of hair extensions in her hair and let it fly!